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Outpatient Addiction Treatment

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Serenity Path offers Intensive Outpatient, Relapse Prevention, and Continuing Care Treatment services to those of all ages struggling with substance abuse.

Treatment is based on the 12 Step Minnesota Model of treatment, and requires clients to be abstinent from the use of all mood-altering chemicals (with the exception of certain prescribed medications).

Core service elements include, but not limited to, intensive individual/group psychosocial therapy, ongoing bio-psychosocial assessment, treatment planning, drug testing, alcohol and drug education, referral for TB testing, and intensive case management. Additional elements will include family support group, spirituality, relapse prevention, self-esteem issues, and AA/NA 12-step support group referrals.

Serenity Path also offers Level I and Level II DUI DWI Education classes. This program offers a personalized road map for good decision-making and emphasizes personal responsibility and commitment to change.

Community Outreach

It is an important Serenity Path principle to be an active, positive force within our community.

As members of the community, we believe that we have a social responsibility to give back and contribute to the improvement of, not only our community, but our entire region as well.

One way we can give back is to educate the public on issues regarding addiction and recovery.

We will gladly come speak with your county, business, congregation, school, or community group. Topics can include the mission and work of Serenity Path, but can also focus more specifically on issues such as addiction, recovery, family issues in recovery, underage drinking, crime and addiction, etc. Literature, videos, and Power Point lectures are available.

We want to help!

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